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I am a blogger, writer, music enthusiast, comic, and former Pollyanna People Pleaser who spent way too many years a workaholic health care administrator, worrying incessantly, solving everyone else's problems, and missing out my own life. Several years ago, my husband ghosted what I thought was our happy long-term marriage. He walked out, went No Contact, and never looked back---but not before cleaning out the bank, taking my name off joint accounts, cashing out his 401K, and leaving the country. I had a TERRIBLE time with inconsolable grief and C-PTSD. I blogged and journaled until one day, suddenly it all became funny---in a gallows humor kind of way. I now live to eke out of every ounce of happiness that still awaits me. My avocation is wriring and interlacing topics of all kinds (serious and not so serious) with music, graphics, and other multimedia. My guilty pleasure is making snarky memes about people who do this kind of thing. It's just the way my mind works.

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