Trust Me Sweetie, You Don’t Want To Go To That Kind Of Dance

Just Say No To The ‘Pick Me’ Dance

Ladies and/or gentlemen, should you ever find yourselves as a veritable ‘dump-ee’—suddenly thrown to the curb by an affairing/departing ‘dump-er‘—learn by my mistake. Don’t ever lower yourself to grovel—not even once! Please, please, please, learn from my idiocy. Do not fall into this trap yourselves.

Don’t make me have to come to your house and slap the stupid out of you. I burned through enough stupid for all of us, so trust me, I got you covered.

I let the anguish and heartbreak of my husband’s ghosting get the best of me. As a result, it cost me my job, my professional reputation, and my life as I’d known it. Bottom line: I acted like a pitiful chump. More succinctly, I was ‘stooopid!’

Like an idiot, I foolishly thought that if I somehow continued showing Mr. Runaway Cheater Pants my unconditional love—or if I was able to demonstrate my undying love and affection to him—that he compare/contrast my character and devotion to that of Satan’s Mistress, and he’d mystically/magically realize what he walked away from.

Yeah, Well A Sucker’s Born Every Minute

No, really. I honestly believed that my demonstration of commitment to him would work a miracle and resurrect the good that I was so certain was still buried somewhere deep within him. I was looking for that old story where good triumphs over evil in the end and the lovely couple rides off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

Um excuse me. You do know that I can hear y’all laughing, don’t you?

Today, I actually cherish people laughing at me/with me on this. When they laugh, it means that they’re not crying like I was. Besides, entertainment is a good thing. When you’re in a dark place, you need to take it wherever you can find it. People laughing at me on this helps me see that my journey wasn’t for naught. My pain might help someone else along the way, albeit through the vehicle of humor.

Oh my! How silly I was boys and girls! I was such a dope that I hoped [against hope] that Dear Departed would see the error of his ways and snap back to his senses. I was hoping that my love for him would prove that love conquers all, right?

Nope! Only in silly Hollywood romantic comedies. And we can’t live in the movies.

The Takeaway

The bottom line here is that no how many times your misguided emotions tell you to do the ‘pick me’ dance in attempts to try to keep someone whose made the decision to betray you and walk away, don’t do it.

Take it from me, nothing good can come of sacrificing your dignity.

Nah, I say let the one doing the departing be the one to go to the dance. Go ahead—step out of the way. Don’t impede them changing partners. It’s a statistical fact that more often than not, someone who callously abandons a spouse is likely to be changing partners again in the future.

It is what is is … And it was what is was … Shrug.

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