It’s Safe To Come In Now

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

At one time I had over 27 blogs.  I am in the process of going through those sites and consolidating my humor posts here.

Things I transfer here are at least 3rd Generation edits of these posts. I have heavily edited them before bringing them over to prevent the possibility of dangerous radiation surges during view. In the early days, occasional singed eyebrows were reported by readers of my other blogs, due to the high level of vitriol.

Not to worry. I have taken great pains to clean each of them for your safety—thoughtfully removing the justified but brutal sarcasm that underpinned the original iterations. You can now read all of them at your leisure with no need to apply sunscreen or wear a badge dosimeter.

In other words, what you find here will be only good-natured teasing and light-hearted humor.

I Suspect I’m Not Alone

I know I’m not the only woman to face such harsh realities. Perhaps you too have been dumped, ghosted, or experienced your own Dark Night Of The Soul.

Maybe you or one of your loved ones were in a dance macabre. And perhaps, like me, you encountered your own cohort of flying monkeys barraging you from all sides.

If so, you have my deepest empathy.

I hope you never have to face the bitter reality that your husband, wife, or significant other is not the Romeo or Juliet you imagined them to be in your mind.

I hope you never have to shovel your way through a bucket full of crazy—desperately trying to find the real truth about what happened—only to a polished turd at the bottom.

Bummer. Been there. Done that.

Laughter Can Be Good Medicine

If you have, and if you think you’re far enough along in your healing process to  appreciate a little humor on the subject—stick around.

Perhaps me lampooning myself will provide you with some much needed comic relief.

And hey, if nothing else, you may leave this site feeling better about yourself by being able to say, “Well, at least I’ve not been as stupid as that woman was!’ LOL.

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